Leased lines are often very expensive to install, with high operating costs, especially if your infrastructures are located within the metropolitan region. Installation of armoured glass fibre cable from nearest point of presence (PoP), to both locations, within urban areas require council permits, road closures, liaison with various utility companies , traffic control, insurances and restoration works to existing infrastructures.

When considering leased line replacements, resources such as time, people/staff, costs are critical factors and must be managed carefully. By engaging Amagasia, we can help clients save in these factors by offering the following Wireless Bridges solutions, depending on the clients’ critical needs :

  • Gigabit Full Duplex connectivity
  • Multi-mile connectivity
  • 5 Nines availability (99.999% uptime)
  • Gigabit Links from under £10,000 fully installed
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fully supported and licenced