Amagasia is the leading wireless network design and implementation specialists in Asia. Our wireless network services and solutions portfolio contains the industries latest technologies and solutions.

We have developed a precise 4 points methodology that ensures a wireless network design that exceeds your every network requirements.

1. Survey

Conducting the initial WiFi survey forms an integral part of our services. The on-site physical RF survey gives us an insight into providing the right level of capacity and equally important, coverage based on the client’s needs. This takes into consideration the existing network framework the client has established. Amagasia uses the latest industry tools and techniques to determine the RF coverage and capacity, providing the client, details of all aspects of the survey.

2. Design

Design of the client’s indoor wireless network includes the following :

  • Coverage – Provision for current and future needs.
  • Capacity – Enabled to provide for current and future needs.
  • Security – Allowance for flexibility of enhanced and future security features
  • Scalability¬† – Assurance of integrating future business needs and growth

3. Implementation

Upon implementation, Amagasia’s dedicated and specialised team of wireless network installers, will be deployed to the client’s premise, on a pre-specified date. Be assured that there will be minimal to no disruption to the client’s business during the installation, as our experienced installers work parallel with your existing network, with a smooth rollover to the upgraded / new network.

Provision of on-the-job training is conducted with the client’s network engineers, enabling them full access and understanding on managing the new indoor wireless network infrastructure.

4. Survey – Post Installation

A post installation survey will be conducted, once the installation is complete. This helps minimise the need for any trouble-shooting issues arising post installation. This survey includes a complete end to end verification process of the completed installation, ensuring that all of the client’s wireless network needs have been met.